What a Difference a Year Makes

Wow. To say “blink and you’ll miss it” is an understatement.

It’s been a bit over a year, and to say my life has changed would be an understatement – and all for the better! My last year in bullets:

  • My divorce was finally finalized after nearly 2 years of back and forth with the X
  • Got down to my lowest weight ever…within 1 pound of having 100 pounds lost!
  • Met an amazing man, fell in love, got engaged…I’m getting married this month!
  • Put on about 20 pounds of “happy weight”…which I’m finally starting to see come back down
  • Changed my daughter’s day care, went through lots of up and downs with her (more on that later)
  • X got married to the chick he left me for. Which is fine, we are at a good place now and strive to put our daughter first
  • After our wedding (and honeymoon vacation – squee!!) we’ll start saving to buy a house together next year.

I mean, wow. This blog was created to be a daily log for me…of course I think the pressure of having a daily log just turned me off. Well, that plus like a month after I started it, my now ex-husband kinda walked out on me and my kid…and so any time I came back, for a long time after that, it was kind of painful. This blog has seen tiny snippets of pain, hope, more pain…long silences…and now, infinite joy! I really do want to work on filling in those gaps.

And the #1 reason it was created, of course, was to record the success of my losing weight! Somehow through this crazy storm, I DID manage to do that. And I want to keep it going…

Do I really think I have the time/dedication/passion to start this blog back up again? I don’t know. My next post might be another year from now…but let’s see what happens. 🙂

Today, life is good.



Well, I am back so to speak. Please know there were very real, very hard, and very personal reasons for the hiatus. I won’t go in to them here (yet, maybe someday), but just know that through all the insanity that has been my life over the last 6 months, I somehow managed to keep myself on track as far as eating, exercising goes. This has to be one of my greatest personal achievements yet.

I am currently down 62 pounds. I am kissing at the fingertips of Onederland, and hopefully within the next week I’ll be there!

I’ve finished my Couch to 5k training, and now I’m working on getting faster. My lofty goal is to be able to run a 5k in 33:XX by the time I’m 33 (November 17th)…unfortunately a couple of flare up of my hip hurting has kept me from running a couple of weeks here and there, and my current fastest time for a 5k is 39:30. So…it’s not looking so great, but I’m still pushing as hard as I’m able to try and make it! Even 33:59 would do it! 😉

Right now I’m trying to run at least 3 times a week. I hit that PR time yesterday, so today is an off day. My runs are happening at the gym on the treadmill, since I’m using my lunch breaks to exercise at the moment. I’m hoping to be able to start running outside once it’s colder, but that would most likely mean me getting up and going before work…which involves words like “5am.” These aren’t words I usually associate with any kind of reality I’m involved with. 😉

So that is my update. It’s nothing huge or amazing, and a lot is left unsaid, but it is the first step to get me back in to the blogging world, which I think will be something handy as I continue my journey. I’m halfway to the finish line, still a long weigh to go (pun intended).