About Me

Updated 6.16.2014

Me and my little world

Me and my little world

My name is Amanda, and I am 33 years old. I am navigating the new-to-me waters of single mommy-hood. I have a beautiful daughter, and am trying to figure out how to deal with the X. Oh and I’m trying to lose 112 pounds. 😉

I’ve always been chubby, overweight, fat, and now that lovely word – obese. My highest weight that I know of was 275 pounds. As I’m sure you can imagine, I didn’t keep scales around me.

The short version of life was that it was all a blur, and then in 2013 everything changed. My dad passed away, my husband left me and our then 14 month old daughter to ride the town bicycle, and my job went to crap. I’m now in the process of running away from my old life, and forging my new one.

The slightly longer version – My life since becoming a mother has taken a very crazy shift. I have begun a thirst to truly “live” life, if that makes sense. Just a short year after my daughter was born, almost to the day, my father passed away. Through losing him, and also seeing the world through my daughter’s eyes, I realized I have lived my life in a “non-present” way, if that makes sense. Discovering this, I also uncovered issues in my marriage, issues in the way I’ve lived…let’s just say it’s been a roller coaster. Hence the name of my blog – I don’t want to just lose weight this time, I want to lose all the baggage that has been weighing me down all these years. I want to free not only my body from the weight, but my mind and soul from the anchors that keep myself from truly accepting who I am and what kind of person I have the potential to be. This has been a long and very hard journey so far, and I’m only halfway there.

My Goals:

  • Get under 200 pounds Completed in November of 2013
  • Get under 175 pounds
  • Get to 150 pounds
  • Lofty Goal: Get to 140-130 pounds
  • Be able to jog a mile Completed Summer of 2013
  • Be able to jog a 5k Completed Summer of 2013
  • Run a 5k in anything under 34 minutes (my 33 by 33 goal!)
  • Run a 10k Completed on 6.4.2014, though very slowly…
  • Run a 10k in under 1:10
  • Complete a Half Marathon
  • Complete a Marathon

At the time of this writing, I’ve been following my own makeshift plan: lower calorie intake, moving more, high water intake. Simple rules, and free to boot. Why is it the simplest things in life are the hardest?


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