Kitty Kitty

A few days ago, we added a new member to the household. I finally have a man of the house!

Hello ladies...

Hello ladies…

After wanting a cat for over a year, I finally gave in after finding this photo on the website of the local Humane Society. Those eyes!

So yeah, I got him. He’s adorable and very loving and very social…and puts up with being chased by my toddler. Poor kitty. He spent the first couple of days behind the washer and dryer, with Reagan standing in front of them screaming like a kitty-banshee. I felt like maybe I had made a bit of a mistake, that maybe I should have waited another year before bringing an animal in to the house. But, when she was in bed, or tethered in her high chair, he’d venture out, rubbing on my legs like mad and playing like a little kitten (he’s 6 months). He never has hissed or growled or bared a claw.

Now he’s venturing out a bit more…and the chasing behind the washer/dryer has become a game of peekaboo between the two of them. She LOVES it…probably more than he does, but it’s a step in the right direction!

I had several people express surprise over getting a black cat. Well, maybe not surprise, but a lot of “I guess you’re not superstitious then?” comments. It turns out that apparently it’s harder for shelters to find homes for black cats, just because people are silly and superstitious. To be honest I never really thought of it, he was just so pretty – and he was a little older, but not old enough to be set in his ways. I love tiny little kittens, but I figured that not only would that be more dangerous (for the kitten) around Reagan, but that I’d like to give someone who might be coming out of the adorable kitten stage a good home.

Last night after I put the cat-chaser to bed, I did an hour of Zumba. It was hard to stay motivated to do it all the way until 9pm, but I got it done. I think the cat thought I was insane, because he was running from one end of the room to the other while I flailed around like the whitest white girl in the world.

Seriously, it’s kinda sad to watch me try and gyrate my hips like these scantily clad Latinos with impossible 6-packs. Those can’t be real…just like gyrating hips while concentrating on footwork and not having a confused furrowed brow is impossible.

Oh, the cat’s name is Sherlock by the way. It has nothing to do with my current weird crush on Benedict Cumberbatch. Honest…

My favorite high-functioning sociopath…



Joe’s Run 10k Race Report (My First 10k)

First off, let me re-state as I have in earlier posts that I am not a good runner. Well, I’m not a fast runner. So the title of “Race Report” on this post may be a bit misleading. But, I thought it sounded just a tiny bit better than “Super Slow Old Lady Shuffle Wannabe Runner Report.” πŸ˜‰

So yeah. Since I’ve been such a horrible blogger and so behind, this post may end up meandering and going all over the place, but hopefully we can all end up at the…end. Wow, it’s way too early, and I haven’t had nearly enough coffee to form complete thoughts yet it seems.

Ok, second cup of coffee is here, so that’s much better. So, back in February or March, when I knew that I was going to be having all this work stress and moving was on the horizon, I signed up for my first 10k. I figured signing up for a run would help give me a goal to work toward, keep me focused on weight loss and exercise once I got settled in.

Yeah, that didn’t work. Between getting a new job, living with my mom again (let’s just say we butted heads a bit), finding day care for Rea, finding a house, etc etc etc….I was happy to just be maintaining my weight by watching food, and working out, much less following a training plan, definitely took a backseat.

So the race approached, and suddenly I had to make a decision. I thought briefly about cancelling and just not going…I had tried to drum up interest in friends and family, but there were no takers…so not only would I need to do a distance I had never done before, and one that I didn’t train properly for, but I’d have to do it alone. Oh, and did I mention that this was also happening on the same day that I was going to be moving Reagan’s furniture in to the new house? That Saturday night was to be our first sleeping at the new house. So I had plenty of good excuses on NOT doing the run. But I finally said to myself no…I had already committed, already paid, and the very worst that could happen would be that I would just have a really long walk.

That Friday (which I had already taken off of work to work on unpacking) I went and grabbed my race bib and such. This race – called Joe’s Run for anyone who is interested – is kinda small and more for fun than anything, so there wasn’t a lot of swag, but the tank shirt is really cute! I am not at a point yet where I feel like I can wear sleeveless shirts in public (I hate my upper arms of course), but I planned to where it that next day under my t-shirt for the run. I may have mentioned it before…but having a large chest + a baby + 75 pounds of weight loss leads to a lot of….bouncing. So I usually have to where a tight sports bra as well as a tighter shirt under my t-shirt to run comfortably.

Anyway, I digress…

Race bib, shirt and shoes

Race bib, shirt and shoes

Saturday morning I woke up, put on the clothes I laid out the night before, set my mom up with the baby monitor since Rea wasn’t yet awake, grabbed a couple of bananas and headed out. The race was only about 6 miles or so from my mom’s, and I found it pretty easily with the GPS. There were a lot more people out there than I expected, actually. I didn’t have to pee, so I skipped the bathroom line, and I hung out near the start. It was a little awkward for me, since I didn’t know anyone…I’m kind of a shy extrovert, so even though I wanted to be talking to people, I didn’t have the guts to just walk up and start a conversation with anyone!

So I did what any self-respecting newbie would do - took a selfie!

So I did what any self-respecting newbie would do – took a selfie!

They were playing music at the start, and the energy was good. I was still crazy nervous about attempting the 10k, but I had no illusions or goals for a time I wanted to come in at…just to finish, even if I had to walk. I made my way toward the back of the pack, and we started promptly at 8am.

Making my way to the starting corral

Making my way to the starting corral

The very first thing I learned from the 10k was that I need to buy a hat, or a sweatband, or something! I had put on sunscreen that morning, and it was already in the 80’s when we started. Since I’m mostly a treadmill runner, I don’t have much experience with running outside (I mean, it’s Texas, why would I WANT to run outside?). The sweat was already pouring 5 minutes in, causing the sunscreen to drip right in to my eyes and BURN! I looked like an idiot I’m sure running while trying to wipe my face on my sleeve. Luckily after about 5 minutes or so of THAT annoyance, the sunscreen above my eyes must have mostly sweated away, because it became a bit more tolerable. (UPDATE: I’ve talked to some runners since, and purchased a 2XU visor. I haven’t been able to run in it yet, but I mowed the yard and it and it was awesome at keeping the sweat out of my eyes!) That was my only real bad experience!

I am sure I started out way too fast, but I quickly tried to pace myself. Within about a half mile or so all the fast people had found their areas up ahead, and I was with a little group. There was this guy…a very stocky guy with huge calfs (I just started calling him Huge-Calf Man), and he and I were playing leap frog forever. I’d pass him, and then a few minutes later he’d pass me…and then start walking. So I’d pass him again at my little slow jog, and then he’d start running again and pass me…and start walking. I thought it was very odd, but it gave me something to focus on besides “holy crap it’s really hot out here!” Finally at about the halfway point, I had to walk for a bit and was fussing with my headphones, and he went on ahead of me.

That was the second thing I learned – figure out music ahead of time! I put on my headphones and such right before the race, and just started the last Pandora station I had been listening to, which I thought was based on Pink…so should have been some good, upbeat, angry white girl music. But it turned in to love songs. And of course with all the issues with with X, love songs were NOT welcome. So finally around the halfway point I decided to change it…well I was in a hurry of course because I wanted to start running again, but then my debit card fell out of my running belt when I took my phone out, so it was just really annoying. I finally got it figured out and put on some more upbeat music, which definitely helped on the last half.

After the turn around and the walk break, it was definitely a lot harder to run…and again, my “run” is an old lady shuffle. I was much more tired, and my left ankle was aching a bit. The interesting thing I found though was that it hurt MORE to walk than to just keep shuffling. On the first half I only took one walk break through a water station, but I was taking a few more walk breaks on the second half. Not too bad, I would guesstimate that I only walked about .5 miles of the whole 10k.

Despite that, it seems like the second half went by faster than the first. I think it’s because the music was better! πŸ˜›

Once the end was near, I tried to pick up the pace…and though I don’t think anything picked up, I felt like I was a runner and ran through the finish line! The after party was a lot of fun, they had a Jimmy Buffet band, and some really great booths. I grabbed some bananas, and a Gatorade, and just stood around trying to ignore my screaming legs for a few minutes. I went through and looked at the booths, and bought another tank top (they had extras from last year).

My post-race selfie. What did I just do!?

My post-race selfie. What did I just do!? And I already want to do it again next year!

Once I started to feel human again and realized that I am awesome and just did a 10k, I went and got the really awesome after-race swag – free beer and a burger! I ate about half of the burger, and enjoyed the beer, even though it was a bit darker than I care for.

This made it totally worth it! ;)

This made it totally worth it! πŸ˜‰

I hung around to cheer for the racers who won trophies, and then headed home.


Fun times at the after party. It wasn't crazy-stupid loud and crowded, which was nice for me!

Fun times at the after party. It wasn’t crazy-stupid loud and crowded, which was nice for me!


My little one enjoyed some of my post-race swag. πŸ˜‰

I'm a princess!

I’m a princess!

The last thing I learned from my first 10k. I look like a complete goober. Seriously, my race outfit is terrible! After looking at these photos, I vowed to dress better for the next race. I am still dressing like I weigh 262 pounds…and the result is a scary looking man, not a 75 pounds gone woman! Ugh…seriously!

"She Looka Like a Man!!!"

“She Looka Like a Man!!!”

And can you say, needs new headphones!? I had left my good running headphones in my gym bag at work, so all I had were these...circa 1995.

And can you say, needs new headphones!? I had left my good running headphones in my gym bag at work, so all I had were these…circa 1995.

Slightly looking like a member of the female sex here.

Slightly looking like a member of the female sex here.

As superficial as it sounds – does anyone have any advice on how to dress after a good amount of weight loss that is both comfortable for running, but also makes you looks halfway decent??

Oh, yeah, and here are my…ahem…sad stats:

Like a turtle, slow, but steady

Like a turtle, slow, but steady

So yeah…that’s it, my rambling race report on my first 10k. I loved it, and I loved the challenge of the distance! I am already looking at doing another one. Hopefully I can actually train for it. The bar has been set (thankfully, very low, haha!).


I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday! This week is flying so far!

For anyone who is interested, this last weekend went ok with my daughter being away. It was helpful to know she wasn’t too far from me…and estranged husband thing seemed to be as kind as possible during the whole thing.

I kept myself busy of course, and started off the weekend after dropping her off on Saturday with a 2 hour workout and gadget test! I had been lusting over owning a Garmin for a little over a year now, and when I found a deal too good to pass up on eBay, I finally took the plunge! I bought a Garmin Forerunner 305. It’s a bit ancient, as far as Garmins go, but I was so excited! I knew it was a great device (if Runsforcookies used it, it has to be good!) for a beginner at least, and the biggest reason I bought it was so that I could start monitoring my heart rate better. I bought the watch and heart rate chest strap, as well as a foot pod to use, since most of my runs right now are indoors on a treadmill.

I went to the YMCA for my run on Saturday, and even though it took me a while to get suited up (I put the foot pod on my shoe backwards the first time, of course), I was pleased with the results! The run wasn’t too bad – it had been a while since I ran since I had had the racing heart issues and was using the elliptical a lot. The chest strap didn’t bother me at all, which was great, and though it took me a while to get the watch to stop beeping at me (it had been set to go off with certain heart rate zones), once I got it a bit figured out I really enjoyed it!

The watch itself is a bit bulky…so it was nice that since I was running on a treadmill I could just take it off and set it on the treadmill itself. I would have left it on, but going through the silly menus while running was a bit hairy, lol!

My first forerunner run!

My first forerunner run!

Now, the truly awesome part was that I was paying so much attention to the heart rate and such, that I never even bothered to look at the run time for the entire 5k I ran. It wasn’t until several hours later that I bothered to look, and was so surprised! I had shaved nearly a minute off of my previous PR!

All in all, the first run with the Garmin was a success!

After the run, I did 15 miles on the stationary bike. I’ve been watching Sons of Anarchy while working out, and that definitely helps the time go by faster!

As luck would have it, also over the weekend, a good friend of mine who has dropped a ton of weight and has also been a great inspiration to me was selling one of HER gadgets. She has used a Nike+ Fuelband for over a year, and credits it with helping to keep her on track. For Christmas, she bought herself a new one, and wondered if I’d like to buy her old one. The cheapest I had found used ones online for was around $150, and she would sell hers to me for $60! So I jumped on it, and started using it Monday.

So far I’m really enjoying it! It’s not a hugely complicated device that can track a million different options like the Garmin, but what I’ve found these last two days is that it’s an excellent motivational tool to make me get up and move each day. It’s only been two and a half days, but I am definitely motivated to get that little LED reward:

Move or be shamed! :P

Move or be shamed! πŸ˜›

It may be silly, and of course you set your own goals, so cheating is always an option…but it’s a challenge, and challenges are part of what’s kept me going this last year.

The Nike+ Fuelband can’t be used for swimming, and probably would not be very accurate for biking, since the accelerometers inside are pretty much calibrated to make it a very fancy pedometer, but for elliptical, running, Zumba, etc…it’s a great tool!

So the last few days have been about learning gadgets, and adding tools to my arsenal on the assault against fat. So far I’m pleased and it’s helped to re-motivate me. Now if the scale would jump on board I’d be very happy…she has not budged for me for 2 weeks!


What about you? Have you used these or other gadgets to help get you going? πŸ™‚



This week has been a bit crazy, as I’ve felt like I’ve been hungrier than usual! It’s been kind of confusing and annoying…and the scale has been stagnant.

I kind of expected it would…I had a good loss a couple of weeks ago, and my body seems to lose on a 2 week cycle of lose, maintain, lose, maintain…so I’m trying to not focus on the numbers too much. I have started a habit of having a serving of this delicious sinful delight nearly every night…so I’m wondering if I need to cut that out a bit…but it’s so good!

But otherwise, this week has been a bit about noodles! First I had an avocado I needed to eat up, and after looking at a bajillion recipes on pinterest, I found one that I wanted to try. It called for spiral noodles…and I would have made it with zucchini noodles, but I didn’t have any zucchini in the house…but I had some egg noodles, so that’s what I ended up using. It was really tasty, and I ended up eating the leftovers for lunch today.

Avocado and Egg Noodles

Avocado and Egg Noodles

Avocado creamy goodness

Avocado creamy goodness

And then following the noodle theme, last night I made a recipe called Pumpkin Alfredo with Sweet Potato Noodles. I had been looking forward to this one, and I wasn’t dissapointed! The hardest part was figuring out how to cook the sweet potato noodles (the recipe calls for all raw and cold, and I’m not that far in to any kind of “raw” journey yet, lol!). I finally found a website that tells you to steam them, so if you try the recipe and don’t want raw crunchy noodles, just put the noodles over boiling water in one of those steamer thingies for about 10 minutes and they’ll be soft and tasty!

Disclaimer: 2 Sweet Potatoes makes a TON of noodles.

Disclaimer: 2 Sweet Potatoes makes a TON of noodles.

I was a little hesitant if this would be good or not...but it was SO tasty!

I was a little hesitant if this would be good or not…but it was SO tasty!

Finished product! It looks a little less "noodly" after the sweet potato cooks, but to me the texture change was worth it!

Finished product! It looks a little less “noodly” after the sweet potato cooks, but to me the texture change was worth it!

Like I mentioned in the photo, there were a TON of noodles created with this, and with the leftover sauce, I think I’ll be able to eat on this 2 more times at least. I only steamed noodles to eat last night, and I stored the rest in their raw state, that way they don’t get all mushy and weird.

I made it to the gym twice this week, and did a Zumba DVD on Tuesday evening, so I made my 3x during the week goal. My daughter is going to her dad’s apartment (for the first time overnight…I am nervous and conflicted and confused, but that’s another post!) this weekend, so I know I’ll get workouts in on both days. I feel like I’m doing pretty well this week!

Workouts are still with a goal of a lower HR, so elliptical again...this is as interesting a photo of workout results as I could think of, lol!

Workouts are still with a goal of a lower HR, so elliptical again…this is as interesting a photo of workout results as I could think of, lol!

So that is my weekly roundup! Anyone with toddlers…do you have any good meal suggestions for keeping their food as healthy as possible? My dear darling one turned her nose up at both of my noodle creations this week…so I did end up with frozen french fries and chicken nuggets as a meal for her a few times this week. I don’t mind it every once and awhile…but I need more ideas!

She doesn't look picky at all, right!? :)

She doesn’t look picky at all, right!? πŸ™‚

So tomorrow starts the weekend…and dropping my darling off with the estranged husband thing…wish me luck!

Like a Boss

This weekend was quick and uneventful – a nice combination when I had both planned no events and was single-momming my 22 month old. I started off on Friday night with a new recipe. I decided to try Mushroom Kale Lasagna Rolls, and used this recipe from SkinnyTaste. I won’t bore you with step by step details, as I’m not a cooking blog, but needless to say it ended up being not too hard to make (though it dirtied more dishes than I expected!), and delicious! The recipe makes 10 rolls, and so I’ve got leftovers to last during the week!

It is so green, but so good!

It is so green, but so good!

Saturday I Zumba’d at a class at my college Alma Matter, taught by a wonderful friend, Ruthie, who has an inspiring story of her own! I have been so surprised by Zumba. I am able to follow the moves fairly easily, and I am constantly surprised by how much easier it is to keep up and move my body now that there’s 70 pounds gone from it. I talked to Ruthie after and told her that though I took ballet for 10 years growing up (hence the ease of following the moves), I don’t think I ever truly enjoyed it. I was always the biggest girl in the class, and constantly spent my time looking in those damn mirrors comparing myself to the other girls. For anyone who’s never taken ballet or other dance class…one half of the entire room is made of mirrors…so you can constantly check your body positions, etc. For me, it was a constant and consistent reminder of how big I was – and of course now I look back and can say I wasn’t even that big!

But now. Now that I’m older and (ha!) wiser and have lived…and have developed a lot of self esteem, I could care less what I look like while dancing at Zumba…and I’m having so much FUN! I can keep up with the instructor, I can think about the music and the movement and just enjoy it! And I do.

Sunday started off a little rough. I had woken up at around 5:50am on Saturday, and cursed as I desperately tried to fall back asleep, wasting all those precious minutes as Reagan kept sleeping until nearly 7:30am! On Sunday, I was in a dead tired sleep…and of course she then decides to wake up at 5:50am.

And she woke up with plenty of energy.

And she woke up with plenty of energy.

After a fun-filled morning of me trying to wake up while she destroyed the living room, we both took naps (thank goodness!), and then afterwards I took her on a walk to the park. The park is right next to our apartment, so we were able to walk straight from our front door, which was nice. It was really windy, but we had a lot of fun!

Finding bottle caps

Finding bottle caps

Feeding these...bird things

Feeding these…bird things

Blowing bubbles...or attempting to.

Blowing bubbles…or attempting to.

Happy Face!

Happy Face!

Discovering that bridges cover water.

Discovering that bridges cover water.

Drinking juice - like a Boss!

Drinking juice – like a Boss!

I love taking these walks with her and re-discovering the world through her eyes. Even though it’s annoying to keep her away from the water the whole time, and even though she stood on that silly bridge for 20 minutes longer than I would have liked and kept telling me there was water underneath us…I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Oh and my daughter’s hair is crazy, in case you can’t tell. I think it might turn out to be curly…and I have no experience in that arena…add to that the fact that she hates having her hair or face messed with, and it is a constant battle in which she is the victor 99% of the time.

Besides…I say the longer you can go without fussing with hair or wearing shoes…go for it!

So today was back to the grind, but I did make it to the gym for a lunchtime workout!

Proof of my elliptical exploits!

Proof of my elliptical exploits!

So there is my weekend/Monday recap. How was your weekend? What workouts have you discovered that you actually ENJOY, rather than endure?

Week 1, Day 2

Ok, the word of the day is officially SORE!

I went back today to do the second day of my HIIT/Strength Training program, and I am definitely feeling it! I did up my HIIT fast speed to 6.5, and that was definitely a LOT harder. By the end of 14 minutes, I was panting and my lungs were burning. It was actually a good feeling, I felt like I was pushing myself again. I can’t believe that I feel like I worked harder running basically only 1 mile than I do when I run 3.25 or more!

After that, I did Day 2 of Week 1 of the LiveFit program (I won’t bore you with the details, but here’s a link if you’re so inclined). I definitely felt more confident today in the weight room. There were plenty of beefy guys doing there thing, but I just did my own thing too. I workout at Planet Fitness, and they have that whole “Lug Alert” thing… where they discourage people from being jerks in a weight room, so I feel pretty comfortable about it. Plus, there were two other girls in there today, so that was nice! I only felt really confused at one point, because one of the exercises called for a piece of equipment the gym doesn’t have (a preacher’s curl bench – I know, it sounds weird), so I spend about 2 minutes walking around like a loon in the weight room area to find this mysterious bench thing. I finally figured the didn’t have it, so I just did that workout on the machine that does the same thing in the circuit area.

I definitely feel today’s workout already…my arms were already sore, and now they are kinda pounding! Brad has to be out of town tonight, and I wish he wasn’t, because wrangling our wiggle worm of a daughter with sore arms and back is going to be tough!

She looks sweet and innocent...don't be fooled!

She looks sweet and innocent…don’t be fooled!

I have to run, as it is time to go and pick up the wiggle worm I was just talking about. Have a great weekend! My goal is at least one workout over the weekend – wish me luck! What are your weekend plans? πŸ˜‰

Trying Something New

This weekend went by super-duper fast, and most of the week already too!

Brad had to work on Saturday morning, so I made it up to the YMCA with Rea in tow and hopped on the treadmill after dropping her off in their little day care area. I decided to re-try the workout I did on Friday, with the goal of NO walk breaks!

I won’t say that it felt any easier this time…but it definitely felt like it went by faster! I ended up completing the run with no walk breaks! I did slow my pace down a couple of times (from 5.0 to 4.5), but I ended up running the whole thing!

Then, on Monday I saw the doctor to ask about my back pain. He told me that running might not be the best right now…because not only is it possible that it’s slowing down my weight loss, but that it might just be too hard on my body until I lose more weight. I felt a bit derailed, because I have particular goals I want to hit, and it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. I kind of brushed him off, because I’ve spent a lot of time and energy, and hey, I’ve already lost a ton of weight doing it MY way.

And then, the next day, I saw this article on Facebook. It explained some of the reasons why running may not help you lose weight as quickly as the same amount of effort with different exercises can. It was like someone was trying to tell me something here. A Facebook weight loss support group that I’m in was talking about the article, and through talking with another woman on there, I began to consider trying some different approaches to exercising for a while, just to shock my body.

Although, I DID have a reason to do a happy dance that same day, because, this:

Yes, that's a ONE there!

Yes, that’s a ONE there!

Yes, by the skin of my teeth I reached ONEderland! It was really exciting to see, and with it I one the first Jillian Michael Dietbet (which is why there’s a card with a random word on it, lol!). Of course I had to drink a ton of water and eat really lightly the day before to get there, but it was so nice to see. My weight has been fluctuating a lot from day to day though, like today, it’s back up to 201.8.

Yet another reason that I wanted to put a kick-starter back in to my weight loss. It seems that over the last 3 months, I’ve been struggling to lose this latest 10 pounds. I mean, I have been getting stronger and healthier in the gym, but come on, I still have about 50 pounds to go here!

So, after doing some reading and looking around, I’ve decided to change things up a bit. Instead of focusing my gym time on just running, I’m going to mix up some HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training) with free weight exercises.

I’m more than a little bit intimidated by the free weight portion of this. I am comfortable on machines…my gym even has a separate little room for the machine circuit, where I don’t have to feel stupid about what I’m doing…the machines lay it all out there for you. But when you have a bench and a rack of weights…and not a few meathead boys grunting all around you, it’s slightly more intimidating. I promise that I would not have step foot in that area 60 pounds ago.

Yesterday was my first day, and so I found this program for beginner level HIIT training (the link is to my pin on pinterest, I figured that might be helpful if you want to pin it yourself). Week 1-2 consists of 15 seconds of hard running, followed by 60 seconds of walking or slow jogging. It wasn’t too hard, until the last few intervals, and watching the clock to change speeds made the 14 minutes fly by! I actually really enjoyed the change up of method there, since my runs lately seemed SO boring. I set the 15 second fast intervals to a speed of 6.0 on the treadmill (10 minute mile pace), and the 60 second slow intervals to a 4.5 jogging speed. I was really surprised at how easy I was able to do these. In fact, I think next time I’ll do 6.5 and 4.5, since the fast intervals are only 15 seconds.

Next came the awkward part, I found this beginner level free weights program, and decided to give it a try (it’s all free by the way, the image there makes it look like you have to sign up to use it). Yesterday’s program (week 1, day 1), consisted of work on the chest and triceps, and believe me I am FEELING it today. It didn’t take me too long to do the workouts, the one that I was mostly confused on was one where I had to move a bench between two of the machines and figure out how to place everything…but each exercise has a video that shows you what to do. At first I felt silly having to stop and look at my phone to see what to do – but then I saw a couple of guys looking at their phones too…and even if they weren’t looking at instructions, I told myself that they were, haha!

All in all, I was really happy with the change up. It took just as much time to do the HIIT and the 6 strength training moves as running for 45 minutes, plus I know I felt like I was sweating even MORE with these exercises. So, we’ll see. The strength training program calls for 4 days a week in the gym (at least in phase one), so I will be going in just as much as I try to now. But I think I also want to keep a “long run” day of at least 3 miles once a week. I’m not sure if I’ll still hit my 33:xx 5k by 33 (only 23 days until my birthday!), but I might just lose 10 pounds in 1 month vs 3 months, and to me that’s worth it! πŸ™‚

Well this turned in to a rambling post…but I was making up for 5 days or so! πŸ˜‰