Day 2 without coffee (what was I thinking!?)

So over the weekend I did a little overindulging (not too bad on quantity, but there was the splitting of an entire batch of guacamole and some chocolate pie with my mom happening…)

Guac, Pie, and Dallas Buyers Club. It was a total girly night.

Guac, Pie, and Dallas Buyers Club. It was a total girly night.

It wasn’t TOO bad, but it was enough to make me want to try and work harder on reigning in the beast that has become my lack of willpower lately.

Because chocolate comas can't happen every day...

Because chocolate comas can’t happen every day…

I’m still maintaining a great loss, but I am ready to kick it in to gear when it comes to losing these last pesky 30 pounds. So, I did what any reasonable person would do – I decided to cut out coffee and wine.

Wait, what!? Why did I do this!?

It's's evil!!!

It’s this…it’s evil!!!

Yes…it’s not the coffee that I’m after, but the evil (wonderful), horrible (yummy), sugary creamer. I’m very much a “little creamer with my coffee” type of person. So, every morning when I have my two giant cups of coffee, the last forth of the mug is usually filled with this stuff. It is wonderful and sugary and awesome…but also probably adds 300+ of useless calories a day (because then there’s afternoon coffee…). The wine I’m cutting out just because I don’t want to overdo that right now either. So, I’m allowing myself coffee and wine of the weekends. Otherwise, it’s water. And tea…I’m getting a good amount of tea suggestions from friends and co-workers.

The first day was fine – but today, on day two, I think I’ve probably fallen asleep with my eyes open a couple of times. ><

I signed up for another race that takes place this Saturday. This one is a 5k, and takes place at the same location as the 10k I did a couple of weeks ago. I am really excited, because (I’m a dork) they give out finisher’s medals! I am sure that a “real” hardcore runner would be insulted…because it’s almost that “everyone gets a ribbon” mentality, so “there are no winners” but I honestly just want to try and find races with medals so that I can use that as motivation to keep signing up. My goal right now is to sign up for a race each month when I’m paid, so that I can keep using that as a motivating force to keep moving.

So yeah, no coffee, day #2…pray for me. 😛


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