A Week in the New Year

Well 2013 is over – THANK GOD!

Last year I buried my father when he passed away suddenly, found out my marriage was not strong enough to withstand temptation, and found that I had to start over mentally, financially…everything. But there were some good things.

  • I found out that I am 10 million times stronger than I thought I was
  • I grew stronger in my relationships to my daughter and my family
  • I found a voice of my own
  • I got a tattoo!
  • I lost over 60 pounds
December 2012 vs December 2013

December 2012 vs December 2013

Unfortunately things in marriage-land aren’t going so great. After seeing that as of right now my husband is either unwilling or incapable of wanting to work on our relationship, and that he wanted to continue to blame me for his parts to play in the whole thing, I had to ask him to leave.

To his credit he does claim that he needs to work on himself and such. I am trying to be as non-pessimistic as possible about that. Technically I guess this is a separation, I don’t know what the end-game is, and in this moment, I don’t know what I want it to be anymore.

My job is going in a different direction, and I am being asked to do some different tasks than I previously did on top of my regular duties. I am a bit terrified, but also not NOT excited about it either. Again, we’ll see what happens.

The new year…we’re a little over a week in, and I am cautiously optimistic. I will never again in my life say that things can’t get worse, so I won’t curse my 2014 with such nonsense…but I will say I hope with all my might that they are drastically better this year.

Bring it. But please bring it with happiness and kitties and flowers!

Bring it. But please bring it with happiness and kitties and flowers!


One thought on “A Week in the New Year

  1. I’m sorry that 2013 was such a challenging year for you. =( That’s a lot of stress to deal but I’m glad you’re looking up for the new year. I have a feeling 2014 will be better to you. Congrats on all of your successes.

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