Week 1, Day 2

Ok, the word of the day is officially SORE!

I went back today to do the second day of my HIIT/Strength Training program, and I am definitely feeling it! I did up my HIIT fast speed to 6.5, and that was definitely a LOT harder. By the end of 14 minutes, I was panting and my lungs were burning. It was actually a good feeling, I felt like I was pushing myself again. I can’t believe that I feel like I worked harder running basically only 1 mile than I do when I run 3.25 or more!

After that, I did Day 2 of Week 1 of the LiveFit program (I won’t bore you with the details, but here’s a link if you’re so inclined). I definitely felt more confident today in the weight room. There were plenty of beefy guys doing there thing, but I just did my own thing too. I workout at Planet Fitness, and they have that whole “Lug Alert” thing… where they discourage people from being jerks in a weight room, so I feel pretty comfortable about it. Plus, there were two other girls in there today, so that was nice! I only felt really confused at one point, because one of the exercises called for a piece of equipment the gym doesn’t have (a preacher’s curl bench – I know, it sounds weird), so I spend about 2 minutes walking around like a loon in the weight room area to find this mysterious bench thing. I finally figured the didn’t have it, so I just did that workout on the machine that does the same thing in the circuit area.

I definitely feel today’s workout already…my arms were already sore, and now they are kinda pounding! Brad has to be out of town tonight, and I wish he wasn’t, because wrangling our wiggle worm of a daughter with sore arms and back is going to be tough!

She looks sweet and innocent...don't be fooled!

She looks sweet and innocent…don’t be fooled!

I have to run, as it is time to go and pick up the wiggle worm I was just talking about. Have a great weekend! My goal is at least one workout over the weekend – wish me luck! What are your weekend plans? 😉


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