A Hard Run

I’m overall happy with today’s workout, but trying not to be dissapointed at the same time.

Today’s workout called for a 5 minute warmup and cool down, with a 35 minute run at “normal pace.” I was both looking forward to and dreading it. I was excited, because Wednesday’s run went so well…well, afterwards, anyway – but it was also running for 35 minutes straight, which I haven’t been able to do in several weeks. It turns out I still can’t.

I took my iPad with me today, and found out that my gym does indeed have free WiFi! Which, I should have prepared ahead of time, because then I spent way too much time looking around on Netflix looking for a show to watch. My lunch breaks are slightly flexible, but I hate taking too much time away, so I was getting antsy. I finally setting on a show called Dollhouse. It’s by Joss Whedon, so I knew it had to be worth checking out at least!

The first part of the run I was feeling good. The show was pretty interesting, though looking down at the iPad on the treadmill wasn’t as comfortable as if it had been straight ahead. I kept wanting to raise my head and just listen to the show, so even though I think this will work for awhile, I still feel like it didn’t really keep my mind occupied enough to “forget” I was running, but who knows if that’s even possible!

I was able to run without stopping to walk for 18 minutes and some change, and then finally I had to walk for 1 minute. I still don’t know exactly what my hangup is, if it’s more mental or physical…I think my legs were fine and I feel as though my breathing was ok…I just felt like I had to slow down. I walked for a minute, ran again for 2 minutes, and then had to walk to 2 minutes. By this time, there was 7 or 8 minutes left of the run I think. I put the speed back up, and told myself that I could slow the run if I needed, but I  couldn’t walk. I think I spent about 30 seconds at a slower speed in there, but for the most part I maintained a 5.0 speed (12mph) the whole time. It wasn’t my prettiest run, but I did it.



Again, not my best, but definitely not my worst run in the world. I am trying not to be upset about the walk break, and I definitely didn’t get any H of a Runner’s High either! But, it’s done. It’s also Friday, which means the weekend is almost here! Brad has to work tomorrow, so I think I’ll take Reagan to the YMCA with me in the morning and either run or do some other type of cardio and some strength training.

My back has been hurting pretty consistently lately, and especially now while I run I start to have a pain in the top center of my back. I made an appointment with my doctor for Monday. I have a feeling it’s going to be related to the fact that I’m a bit, er, well-endowed shall we say. But we shall see! :/


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