Tony Horton vs. Mother Nature

A few years ago while I was losing weight before getting preggo, I was running (well, old-lady-shuffling, I don’t think I could call my speed a run), and I broke my foot.

Yep. Broken. Right there!

It was just a stress fracture – but it was enough to put me in a boot for 6 weeks or so. I was so mad, I was on great track with my weight loss and then I was booted!? Well, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise…it helped me rekindle my love of swimming, which I’ll go in to later. But it also introduced me to Tony Horton.

Well, his workout DVD’s anyway.

I don’t know much about Tony Horton, he’s the P90x guy I think. But he also has a series called 10 minute trainer. I think it’s an introductory series to prepare people to do the p90x. It is also mercifully quick…as the name implies, it’s a series of workouts that are only 10 minutes each! When I was lamenting my being booted a few years back, a friend gave me a copy of his 10 minute trainer series, and it was a great way to get a workout in while wearing a boot, and included plently of low impact exercises. I recently dug out the DVDs and decided to follow their accelerated results plan. It is 4 weeks long, which coincides with the 4 week DietBet (and I so love symetry!). I started on Monday.

Turn 10 easy minutes in to a soul-torturing 30!

Turn 10 easy minutes in to a soul-torturing 30!

I typically have been doing these in the evenings (I say typically – I mean the first two days!). It’s been rather difficult because the evenings are more for letting my brain turn in to mush and watching mindless television…or at least listening to mindless television while I run around the house after a 14 month old tornado creature.

Did I mention my daughter is insane?!

Did I mention my daughter is insane?!

Seriously. If she is awake she is moving. Her new fascination is climbing…the couch, the chairs, the dog, the walls…

So, working out in the evenings is pretty difficult for me. So this morning as Brad woke up early to go to work, I talked myself into rolling out of bed (I’m NOT a morning person) and doing my daily torture 10 minute trainer session. Which as I mentioned…becomes 30 minutes with the accelerated chart thingy there.

So this is about the time that I should also mention that as I went to the restroom before starting the workout, I also noticed that mother nature was sending me her monthly cruelty as well.

But, I’m a soldier, and I ate horribly last night (not too bad, but not on plan…at least now I can explain the insane craving/moment of weakness!)…so I’m still going to jump around my living room like an idiot (quietly, the baby is still asleep!) and do this thing!

This is where Tony Horton comes in. I like his videos alright, they are very simple to follow, they don’t do overly complicated and hard to follow moves, and he’s kind of a goober, which is usually somewhat endearing.

Except for at 6:30am…when I’m on my period.

Ugh. Tony. You and your scantily clad, perfectly tiny, obviously-not-on-her-period girl need to go away. Come back in 4 to 7 days.

But I stuck with Tony and ugh girl through my three 10 minute lapses in sanity. It was much harder than it was the first two days! But I have the satisfaction of knowing the workout is done for the day and I can now bleed in peace. Ugh.

On the happy note, 18 years ago today Brad and I started dating. Today is our date-aversary! We don’t usually do anything special for today, but we actually have a baby-sitter in waiting and are going to see (wait for it…) a movie! We so rarely get to experience the wonder of moving pictures on a screen without pausing every 10 minutes to wrangle a child…and in an honest to goodness movie house no less! 😉

What about you? Any go-to workout DVD’s that you like?


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