Ring Sizer

Today I achieved a NSV.

That’s a Non-Scale Victory, for the weight-loss club uninitiated. A victory that comes without it being tied to a number on a scale. I knew it was coming, and I was very excited…and today, it happened!

ring with sizer

I had to put a sizer on my wedding ring!

I know most ladies probably wouldn’t be too terribly happy with that, but to me it represents an awesome milestone!

When I started losing weight in 2011, I remember right around the time I hit 30 pounds lost, I had to put on a ring sizer because my wedding ring would just spin around my finger all day. I lost another 30 pounds after that, and that’s when I got pregnant. I gained 30 pounds with Reagan, and even so I still wore my ring with the sizer. It wasn’t until AFTER I had Rea and continued to gain weight that I eventually had to take it off. After weighing myself this morning I realized that I’m finally down to where I was my highest during pregnancy.

Now I just have to lose that next 30 to get to my pre-pregnancy weight…which includes a 1 as its first digit. It’s so ironic…I was focusing on losing weight to have a baby, and the VERY DAY I finally saw a 1 as the first digit on the scale is the same exact day that I also saw a positive pregnancy test later that afternoon. It’s such a surreal fact.

So, like I said, most ladies may find having to where a ring-sizer annoying (because, let’s face it, as far as fashion goes it IS kind of annoying), but I will where it with pride! 😀

Anyone else out there experience any NSVs lately?


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