Bet Your Butt Off

So who went on vacation and ended up LOSING two pounds? This girl! I was totally and completely surprised. I didn’t over-indulge and there was a bit of walking involved while I was gone, but I didn’t count calories religiously either. When I stepped on the scale this morning and saw a loss, to say I was surprised would be a definite understatement.

We had a blast on our first family vacation!

We had a blast on our first family vacation!

A few days before I left for vacation, I saw an interesting link from a Facebook page I follow. It was for something called DietBet. I took a brief look at the website, and even though I was intrigued, I didn’t spend much time looking at it. Then, right before I left, my best friend wrote me a YM (we instant message all day while we’re at work at our jobs…oh the joy of working in media!), and told me SHE had just signed up for a DietBet! So, I took another glance and found one that began yesterday (Monday). I figured, what better way to motivate myself post-vacation??

So, in short, a DietBet is a game where players pay to play. You’re betting that you can lose 4% of your body weight within the time period, which is 4 weeks. Right now from what I’ve read those two variables (4% and 4 weeks) are always the same. Anyone can host a DietBet, and anyone (who wants to pay up!) can play. Anyone who hits the 4% goal within the time period wins and splits the pot. So, that is definitely great motivation! So far I’ve been very impressed with the site and the program. They have a very clear weigh-in validation process, and the site is clean, easy to follow, and slightly snarky, which is a thumbs up in my book!

So, I submitted my weight yesterday afternoon, I have 4 weeks to lose 10.4 pounds to split the pot! Which, is the most important part – the pot in the game I’m playing is almost up to $30,000!!! I am shocked! Most of the games seem to get up around $1200 or maybe $9500…but this game great exponentially after I had entered! I guess the host is more popular than I thought! So, the motivation is DEFINITELY there.

So, if anyone is interested in jumping on (though I’m not sure I have any readers, lol!), you can still enter for 13 more days before the game is locked! You can find the game I’m in here.

So, that’s what happened over my extended weekend. The vacation was nice…it was a bit hectic with all the kids and of course extended family. They do things differently than we do of course, and Reagan definitely had troubles being out of her routine, especially on the last day or so. I’m glad to be back, but we’re already talking about going on vacation again later this year (with just the three of us!). The place we went is close by and reasonable…out in the “country” here in Texas but with plenty of modern convenience! 🙂 Here are a few more photos…

Meeting a Horse

Reagan got meet her first horse!

Blowing Bubbles

Exploring around the cabin and trying to figure out where bubbles come from…

Pickup Truck

We also took a ride in the back of Daddy’s pickup truck.

So many great memories! I can’t wait to go back!


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