Well my initial blogging goal of 1 post a day is kind of unrealistic, but I want to at least attempt to write a post once a week. Let’s see if that happens.

This week my mind like everyone’s has been focused on Boston. I was as shocked as everyone when I heard about the bombing.

Boston Bombing Alert

I definitely did a double take when I saw this!

I’m not ignorant, I know there is evil in the world and screwed up people with screwed up agendas…but a marathon?? I could wax poetic about this forever, but it’s so exhausting, and working at a News station, I’ve definitely had my fill of it for the last few days.

Tomorrow I am going on vacation! It’s not a huge trip, but it’s my first real “vacation” since 2009. Due to financial issues, and then having a baby last year, my husband and I haven’t really done anything vacation-y in a good long while. It’s a co-trip with his brother and his wife and 2 kids, and we’ll have Reagan (my daughter!), so it will be quite a social experiment! I am trying to pre-plan meals and such so that I don’t go crazy, as well as bringing a 10 minute workout DVD, workout clothes…etc…I am trying to stay focused! I am a BIG stress eater, and some elements of planning this trip with my in-laws have been…let’s just say tricky…so I am needing to keep in mind that I can’t turn to food to deal with stress! 😉

Speaking of family, I guess I should introduce you formerly to mine:

Brad and Rea Easter

This is my husband, Bradley, and my Daughter, Reagan. They are my everything!

Brad and Rea Upside-Down

This is how they normally appear…

Oh, and in case you were wondering, this is me:

Running Shoes

Hi, don’t mind me…I’m loving my new running shoes right now…a little too much!


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