The other day, I had the awesome idea to start a blog…and suddenly today I find myself having trouble thinking how exactly to blog again…for fun, that is! 😛

I guess I should state some goals here, so that if you stumble on to this post, you can get a good sense of what the heck I’m all about. Because, while this blog is meant to be more personal, more ME, than my previous dreaded “mommy-blog,” it is at its heart supposed to be about accountability to myself.


  • Track Food. I want to track all of my food this year. I won’t bore you with all that here, thank God, but if you are also wanting to track food, I love MyFitnessPal as a tool. SparkPeople is also great. Both are free.
  • Exercise. I am on a running mission this year…as the title of my blog indicates. Unfortunately at this time you aren’t going to find an amazing running blog, I am a beginner for sure. I’ve been following the Couch to 5k plan, but some hip injuries have me relegated to the elliptical for the short term. I am however signed up already to do three 5ks this year! Yikes…
  • Deal with the Mental Beans. I am a new mom to a 13 month-old daughter. She is amazing, and beautiful – and more than a handful, lol! I have a wonderful and supportive husband, which I am so thankful for. I do have a tendency to get stuck in my own head-space though, and that sometimes can put a strain on our relationship. I am working also this year to become a better wife. In the midst of that lofty goal, my father passed away suddenly in February this year. He was only 68. Not only am I trying my best to cope with that, but my mom is basically shutting down on me mentally and physcially in the aftermath. And I’m 150 miles away. So, I am working on not using food as a coping/numbing mechanism with this.

I guess that’s my measurable “goals” right now. I need to work this plan through and figure out the best way to break these down in to baby steps I guess.

Right now I weigh 235. I’ve been a bit stuck here for the last few weeks. But I have lost about 27 pounds since January 1 of this year. I have some weight loss stories to tell of a time before that, but that’s another story.


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