Finding the Right Mix

Hello blogosphere. My name is Amanda. I’m a long-time blogger, and I have about 100 pounds to lose. I have had a few blogs over the years. My latest venture was to “blog professionally” as a mommy blogger. It was an interesting adventure…but I felt like it took a lot of fun an reality out of my blogging. I was no longer blogging to keep my friends and family updated on my life and such, but I was testing products – many which I wasn’t personally interested in, all to move myself up a ladder. In my “real” life, I’m already a manager, work full time, have a baby and husband, etc…so it became much like another job. In essence, I found myself dreading blogging. I have stepped away from that, not officially, but I haven’t blogged there in several months.

I have another blog that was about weight loss, but it wasn’t really done in the healthiest fashion…don’t get me wrong, it worked wonderfully, but it wasn’t sustainable, and when I became pregnant a lot of the weight was gained back. I haven’t really blogged there in several months either.

I’m pretty busy on a day to day basis, so the idea of trying to open up to the world of blogging again is a bit daunting…but I really want to find that joy again. And more than anything, I want to just find something to be able to deal with the baggage that goes along with it…somewhere where I can hash these things out without feeling like I need to be a fake mommy blogger. I need an outlet.

So, here I go, dipping my toe in. Be kind to me.


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